Example of a Narrative Essay by Psychology Homework HelpA Life-Changing Experience

Example of a Narrative Essay by Psychology Homework HelpA Life-Changing Experience

I simply can’t forget the rainy evening my sister picked me up from my school like she did every other day. It had been raining for weeks and the roads were pretty slippery. I looked out the window and large clouds were still above us. My sister was going on and on about one of her annoying co-workers but I really wasn’t paying attention. I was thinking about one of my friends who had earlier on told us that her car had skidded on the wet roads and almost got into an accident. I remember making a joke about how exciting it must have been. Little had I known I was to experience the same thing, only worse?

            My sister was speeding a bit but I didn’t think to tell her to slow down. Everything happened so fast I cannot even recall how it all started. The slippery road caused the tires of the car to lose traction and I could clearly hear the screeching of the brakes and skidding of the tires as the car spun out of control on the wet road. My sister was screaming like a mad woman throwing me into a state of panic as I could literally hear my heart throbbing in my chest. I started thinking that this was the moment everything would come to an end as images of death flashed through my mind like a slideshow. A huge blow hit the car as it rammed into a wall. I felt a crushing weight of the car and it was all noise, metal and my sister’s screams. I felt a pain that I had never known before on the lower half of my body. My lungs felt as though they were compressed and caving into themselves. I could barely breathe. Is this how it would all end? In pain and agony? Those were the thoughts running through my mind. I could hear my sister’s fading voice as she called out to me but I could hardly respond as my brain was only encompassed on thoughts of death.  I remembered all the sermons in church about not fearing death but I had never been more afraid than I was at that moment. I don’t know if that made me a bad Christian or not. Amidst all these thoughts, I could hear a buzzing in my ear. It was so loud. And the sudden pain in my head; I had sustained a concussion that had me drifting in and out of consciousness. A lot of people often ask what it’s like to be unconscious. I had wondered the same myself but I really don’t remember what it was like. I often try to explain from a psychological view to those who ask according to what the doctor explained to me later. When a person is unconscious, they are able to hear sounds around them. However, the brain is usually unable to comprehend it, making it illogical and that is why most people don’t usually have memory of the experience. (Need Assistant with your Assignment, Order Custom Paper )

            In that moment as I lay there, unable to move, I felt an agony in such a way that I had never felt before. I’m not sure if I was afraid of dying or being dead and never having again to see my family, my friends and all the unaccomplished plans I had. It is so surreal how one’s life flashes in a second before their eyes in the face of adversity. The last thing I heard was the distant sound of sirens and people yelling all over the place. Luckily, my sister and I both survived the car crash with injuries that continued to heal over time. However, the experienced changed my life.

            Talking about death and near death experiences makes a lot of people nervous, I included and we try to avoid the subject. Not everyone understands the situation including the person who is dying. Despite facing a near death experience I can say I still don’t understand the concept of death. However, I understand the fragility of life. This incident got me thinking of the impermanence of everything in this world. It forced me to recognize that every time I do something could be the last time. I am no longer sleepwalking through life but doing things that matter to me such as cherishing my loved ones, making memories with friends and personal endeavours such as travelling. Remembering that I will one day die has become the most important tool that life has equipped me with to make big choices in life.

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