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Welcome crown of madness 5e adventurers, to a world filled with mystery and danger! Prepare yourselves for an epic journey as we delve into the thrilling realm of Crown of Madness. In this exciting new 5e adventure, you will embark on a quest like no other, where the fate of an entire city hangs in the balance. Are you ready to explore the ruins of Sharn and face off against a mad god? Let’s dive in together and uncover all that awaits us in this mesmerizing tale!

Crown of Madness is a new 5e adventure for 1-4 players that takes place in the world of Eberron

Step into the immersive world of Crown of Madness, a brand new 5e adventure that promises to keep you on the edge of your seat! Created for 1-4 players, this exhilarating quest unfolds in the captivating realm of Eberron. Get ready to unleash your inner hero as you navigate through treacherous landscapes and face formidable challenges.

Eberron, a world filled with magic and intrigue, sets the stage for an unforgettable journey. From its sprawling cities to its untamed wilderness, every corner is brimming with secrets waiting to be discovered. The rich lore and vibrant setting make Crown of Madness a truly immersive experience.

Gather your friends or embark on this thrilling adventure solo – the choice is yours! With customizable difficulty levels catering to different player counts, everyone can enjoy their own unique escapade. So whether you prefer teamwork or going it alone, Crown of Madness has something for everyone.

Prepare yourself for heart-pounding encounters and mind-bending puzzles as you delve into the ruins of Sharn. Uncover clues left behind by a mysterious past and piece together what happened to the city’s royal family. But beware – lurking within these ancient walls is Khyber, a mad god seeking ultimate power!

With stunning original art by Jim Van Dijk (D), Crown of Madness brings this fantastical world vividly to life. Immerse yourself in breathtaking visuals that capture both the grandeur and danger that await at every turn.

So grab your dice, sharpen your wits, and get ready for an epic adventure unlike any other! In Crown of Madness, destiny beckons – will you answer?

In Crown of Madness, you play as one of five adventurers who have been summonsed to the ruined city of Sharn

Welcome to the thrilling world of Crown of Madness, where you become one of the chosen few! Picture this: you and your friends are summoned to the mysterious city of Sharn. But hold on tight, because it’s not your average urban landscape.

Sharn is a ruin—a once majestic city now fallen into despair. Its towering buildings stand as haunting reminders of its former glory. As one of five adventurers, you embark on a quest that will lead you through treacherous alleyways and ancient catacombs in search for answers.

Each character brings unique abilities and skills to the table, making every playthrough fresh and exciting. Will you be a cunning rogue, skilled in stealth? Or perhaps an armored warrior wielding brute strength? The choice is yours!

But beware—the city holds dark secrets, waiting to be unraveled. Your mission is clear: uncover what happened to Sharn’s royal family while preventing the mad god Khyber from gaining ultimate power.

Prepare yourself for non-stop action as Crown of Madness immerses you in its fully licensed adventure set in the captivating world of Eberron. With stunning original art by Jim Van Dijk (D), every step forward feels like a leap into another realm.

So gather your party and brace yourselves for an unforgettable journey filled with danger, mystery, and heart-pounding excitement. Are you ready to face the challenges that await within Sharn’s ruins?

Join us in Crown of Madness—where legends are made!

Your goal is to find out what happened to the city’s royal family and stop the mad god Khyber from ascending to power

Are you ready to embark on a thrilling adventure in the world of Eberron? Crown of Madness awaits, and your mission is clear: unravel the mystery surrounding the disappearance of Sharn’s royal family and prevent the malevolent god Khyber from seizing power.

As one of five chosen adventurers, you will delve into the depths of this ruined city, uncovering clues and facing dangerous foes along the way. The fate of Sharn hangs in the balance, and it’s up to you to save it!

Explore sprawling streets choked with debris, climb towering ruins that once housed noble families, and navigate treacherous underground tunnels infested with vile creatures. Each step brings you closer to revealing what truly transpired within these ancient walls.

Prepare yourself for pulse-pounding combat encounters against mind-controlled minions under Khyber’s influence. Use your wits, skills, and magical abilities to overcome these formidable obstacles as you inch closer towards stopping this mad god from ascending.

With its fully licensed content and captivating original art by Jim Van Dijk (D), Crown of Madness immerses players in a richly detailed world where danger lurks around every corner. So gather your party, sharpen your weapons, and get ready for an unforgettable journey through Sharn’s darkest secrets!

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