Top And Trending Hashtags For Likes And Followers On Social Media

Top And Trending Hashtags For Likes And Followers On Social Media

Quality content is the best way to remain relevant and get more followers and engagement on social media. A simple way to increase followers and likes on social media is to consistently produce valuable and quality content.

Content has elements that attract more followers and likes. Good content includes; a strong message, quality media and hashtags. Of all three, hashtags create more visibility for you and your brand. 

How  hashtags work

Hashtags are keywords that begin with a hash symbol (#). They are used to group content according to a  theme or topic. When you use hashtags in your posts, social media algorithms will classify the posts with the hashtags. This means that when people search for content with those hashtags, your content will show up. 

Trending and top hashtags for likes and followers depend on the social media platform and the time of the post. There is no exact way to determine hashtags but here are some things to consider before choosing a hashtag.

Relevance: Adopting the right hashtags can get you more followers and likes on social media. Many content creators use the wrong hashtags and expect results. It doesn’t work that way. Before using a hashtag, make sure it correlates with and suits the purpose of your content. Imagine adding #goodfood in a music post. Irrelevant hashtags may get you more followers but they paint you as an amateur. 

Memorable: People have a lot on their minds and other people that they follow so they cannot remember all of the top hashtags. Keep your hashtag short, interesting and simple if you want your followers and intending followers to remember it. Between #Iamnowgoingtotheairport and #airporyways, which one are you likely to remember?

The shorter one. Keep your hashtags simple but memorable. Do not risk your followers forgetting the hashtags or even misspelling them because they are too long. 

A moderate number of hashtags: You can relate to posts on social media with a high number of hashtags and how it can be displeasing. When you use a lot of hashtags on a post with the hope of getting classified into certain topics, followers will see you as a beginner desperate for visibility. 

Always choose quality hashtags over quantity. This is why it is imperative to analyse hashtags before applying them. Don’t know what top hashtags for likes and followers to use? We got you covered with the examples below.

Top hashtags for likes and followers on social media

Hashtags on Instagram are tailored for different purposes. They can be trending, niche, event, branded, followers and likes hashtags. 

Branded hashtags

These hashtags are created for specific purposes. You can create them to fit your content. Examples are #justiceforjustin #techno #iphone #gownsbylara #twinscake 


The gist of branded hashtags is that they are unique to you and your brand.

Trending hashtags

 At the time of your post, specific hashtags may be popular on social media. On Twitter, you can search for trending hashtags in your country and even the world. For example, when Apple released the iPhone 14, the hashtag #iphone14 reigned for a while. On election day, #electionday or related hashtags can trend. 

You can then narrow down the top hashtags and choose the ones to use. Remember relevance. Don’t just use any trending hashtags.

Niche Hashtags

Niche hashtags are unique to a specific niche.

 Marketing: #contentmarketing #b2bmarketing #influencermarketing #

Music: #newrelease #drake #newalbum 

Popular hashtags

#tbt #love #cute #instagram #mondaymotivation #quoteoftheday #weekend #art #photography #nofilter

Followers and likes hashtags

#followback #follow #followforfollow #follow4follow #followforfollowback #followme

#likes #instalikes #like #likeforlike

The problem with top hashtags for likes and followers is that they are related to many posts so your post will have to compete with many other posts. 

How to choose the top hashtags for likes and followers

Trending hashtags: Hashtags can trend at any time on social media. Unlike holiday events and niche posts, unforeseen hashtags can trend. Be on the lookout for those hashtags and incorporate them into your posts. Remember that the faster you use hashtags, the higher your post will appear when users search for tha particular hashtag.

Competitors’ posts: It is smart to check out what your competitors are up to. If certain hashtags are common in their posts, maybe it is time for you to use them too. This does not mean you are copying them, it only means you are utilizing hashtags to get visibility for your brand and increase your followers and likes.

Hashtag research tools: You can use hashtag research tools to know what hashtags are currently trending in your niche. 

Hashtags are crucial to expand your reach, attract more followers and likes and improve your brand’s visibility. Always look for the top hashtags for likes and followers and use them in your posts. A mixture of hashtags and quality posts is your ticket to crushing your social media goals. 

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